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Don’t Be A Hypebeast! Here’s Why


This article will explain why it’s best to buy clothes you like instead of clothes you think will make you look cool.


Let’s start by explaining what a hypebeast actually is. A hypbeast is someone who will do everything to obtain that desired hype. Meaning, a person who collects clothing, shoes and accessories for the sole purpose of impressing others. Only by reading the explanation of it you might already think that this is kind of a weird hobby. But how is it that hypebeasting became such a big thing in streetwear?


It all started with a fashion blog called ‘Hypebeast’ that was founded in April of 2005 by Kevin Ma. He used this blog as a place where he could document his interest in clothing and most of all sneakers. He created a website where you would be updated daily on fashion news just like tech and gadget blogs were already doing. More and more people started to talk about his blog and it quickly became very popular. Now ‘Hypebeast’ has grown into a lifestyle brand, with several different sites bringing in over 46 million pageviews a month.


Although there is nothing wrong with staying up to date with the latest fashion trends. Nowadays, the term ‘hypebeast’ can sometimes have a negative connotation because it’s also used to describe people who only chase the trends. And we’re about to explain why that is not your best option.


The costs

First of all, the streetwear clothes that are associated with hypebeasting are way too expensive. It is true that you pay mainly for the brand and not for the design or the quality of the piece. Although, there are brands that deliver some pretty cool designs, they still charge you too much for it. Because you can find great designs in every price range if you look for it.


Don’t try to fit in. Try to stand out!

The best way to be more fashionable is to find your own style. Finding your own style means trying out different things to see if they fit you or not. More info in this in one of our earlier blogs (link). Having your own style does not mean following what everybody else does in fashion. Try to find things that no one else wears or style them differently. This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear that one t-shirt you like because other people already wear it. If it fits your style and you know how to make it your own that’s fine. Just don’t buy something because other people have it and you’re just trying to fit in.


It’s just a hype

Like the word hypebeast suggests. It’s all about the hype. And as we all know. A hype doesn’t last forever. Trends come and go. Sometimes even faster than you think. So before you spend a lot of money on something that will be worthless in a couple of months. Try to find something that stays relevant to you in the long term. Of course, your own style may also change but that changes way slower and is definitely more predictable.


With all this said there are obviously no rules in whether you should buy hypebeast clothing or not. As long as you make sure you don’t lose your own identity.

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