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Here’s How To Enter The Layering Game


Properly layering your clothes will give you a fashionable appeal without looking bulky. This is a great way to keep you warm and show people your style at the same time.


Mixing textures

Obviously, there are a lot of textures out there. So how are you supposed to pull them all together? The easiest way would be to keep the textures within the same neutral tone: monochromes. Shades of grey, blue and black pull together different tones really well. You can also try to break up different textures with a simple item. Denim and tweed for example, already go really well together. But by putting something minimalistic between them, like a basic tee or an oxford cloth shirt the focus shifts to the look as a whole instead of the two items.
One basic rule to bear in mind is that you make sure you vary the texture each time you add a piece. Unless it is something like a suit jacket and trousers.


Use one color

You can also try to use one color through your entire outfit. This will make look all the layers look more streamlined.


Try unexpected variations

Don’t stay inside the box and think that outerwear has to be the final layer. Coats and (leather) jackets can also function as middle layers. Make sure you pair it with something oversized like a bigger coat.


Spice it up with patterns

For a more spiced up look, use a clothing piece with a pattern. Something like a flannel shirt as the middle layer would work great for this.


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