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The Rise of Unisex Clothing


Fashion is slowly moving away from ‘Gender Specific’ clothing.’ Menswear’ and ‘womenswear’ are transforming into ‘unisex’. Read on to find out if this is really as promising as it sounds.  


With fast-fashion retailers, such as Zara and ASOS releasing their own gender-neutral clothing lines, unisex is becoming bigger and bigger. This is already a step in the right direction but we are still not quite there yet. The main problem is that in most cases male models don’t really push the boundaries when it comes to their gender, by sticking with clothing that is already associated with men. It’s generally the female models that wear baggy t-shirts and oversized hoodies.


Retailers would really be making some progress once they start offering clothing lines that represent both femininity and masculinity. Or start to produce truly gender-neutral clothing. Something that fits both women and men well and doesn’t represent either one of them more.


In the end, the big change will only come if we start viewing clothing differently. As long as we keep saying that skirts are for women and suits are for men not much will change. We first need to accept that both genders can wear every clothing piece they want then the industry will follow.


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