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Why We Love The Minimal Street Look


Despite minimalism getting criticized for a lack of creativity, we think it’s actually a way to show that you can dress really stylish without wearing over-the-top outfits. The look has always been popular but obviously a little bit low-key. We are here to tell you that less does not mean boring.




Let’s start with t-shirts. For tees you don’t necessarily have to stick with the basic monochrome colors black and white. Even really bright colors will work for this style as long as the t-shirt and the patterns on it are roughly about the same colors or tone. For the minimalistic style it also works great to wear a clean t-shirt or one that doesn’t contain a lot of different patterns.





For the rest of your outfit you don’t want to experiment too much with your colors. Make the t-shirt or the top that you are wearing the main piece of your outfit. As long as the rest of your outfit doesn’t clash with the main piece you are good.


If you are going for a black t-shirt or top, try and match the rest of your outfit with it. An all-black outfit is a go-to outfit for a minimalistic street look.


Don’t be afraid to try on an athleisure look since this will also work great for the minimalistic street style. Combining tracker pants with a clean same colored hoodie will get you right in that minimalistic vibe.




For shoes sticking with white or black shoes will always work in this style. They keep your look clean and don’t draw too much attention. Something like Vans, All-Stars or just an all-white sneaker will keep you looking stylish and minimalistic at the same time.



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